See and Hear me Play

This is Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.  It sounds beautiful on the violin.  It is a really popular choice to play before the wedding ceremony while the guests take their seats as it helps to create a romantic ambience. It is also often requested for during the signing of the register.  I hope that you enjoy my arrangement of this gorgeous melody.

This is Sweet Child O Mine by Guns n Roses.  This is a classic rock track that works so well on the electric violin. A great choice for the drinks reception while the guests are having photos taken or catching up with each other over a drink.  This recording shows the versatility of Richards playing and he is comfortable in both the classical genre as well as more contemporary styles. It's great fun to play and often has the guests singing along!

This is Perfect by Ed Sheeran.  This is another beautiful ballad that sounds great on the violin. This one is audio only.  Another popular choice to hear during a wedding ceremony and afterwards at the wedding reception. It has a kind of Celtic flavour to the style.

This is Anthem from the musical Chess.  This is a very powerful and emotional melody that I have arranged for two violins.  I really enjoyed recording this for an online music festival in March 2021. 


A little something for St Patrick's Day.  Lannigans Ball and Drowsy Maggie for fiddle.  There is something really calming about playing Irish music on the violin. Love it!