Rock Choir at Ice Cream and Bubbles Festival

Well what an awesome gig we had on Sunday afternoon. We performed two sets at the Ice Cream and Bubbles fair at the very beautiful Mount Edgecombe House. Thank you so much to Miss Ivy Events for the invitation - what a great event! We tried out our new song - I'd do anything for love which was very well received by the crowds. We coped admirably at the end of the song acapella when the power suddenly cut out! True professionals. Great gig, well done rockies! Proud of you all.

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Big Sing with South Devon Rock Choirs!

July 2nd 2022.  South Devon Big Sing.  Mutley Baptist Church, Plymouth. We had an amazing day together.  Over 150 rockies and all of our favourite rock choir songs.  We shared this wonderful day with the the ever inspiring Caroline Redman Lusher who is the founder and Creative Director of Rock Choir. You need to be there to experience the uplifting feeling of singing in choir of 150. Unbelievable and a great memory to take away from a great Rock Choir year.

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Rocking the local airshow

Rock Choir. Caroline Redman Lusher. What a way to end the most wonderful Rock Choir weekend. 150 Rockies singing their hearts out yesterday at our big sing which was hugely emotional. Today we were at Teignmouth Airshow singing in the Devon sunshine. Another great gig with the Devon Rockies and another great audience. We are well and truly back guys! Im still buzzing from that fix of singing, are you?

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Rock Choir at Armed Forces Day Plymouth 2022

@therockchoir @CarolineRedmanLusher
Armed Forces Day June 25th 2022.
What a special event and a special day this always is. 80 Rockies from Plymouth and Saltash Rock Choir joined together to sing to the crowds in the main arena and they all did a superb job. We all looked so smart and so professional and we sounded awesome. The audience loved it! Thank you for being wonderful and thank you to our new members experiencing these gigs for the first time. You were fab! (Thanks to my son HJ for the photos!)

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Race for Life Plymouth 2022

RACE FOR LIFE - PLYMOUTH 2022. Always a very special and highly emotional gig. Very rewarding and a lovely event to be invited to sing at. Well done to Plymouth Rockies and a few visiting Saltash Rockies as well. Great place to sing with lovely views. Thanks Harrison for the pictures.

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Rock Choir Jubilee warm up

We are getting ready for the Jubilee in our Rock Choir sessions this week. Rockies love any excuse to dress up and wave a flag. Here are the Torquay rockies starting the week off in great fashion as they always do! Singing, cake, chatting with friends, laughing, raising money for local charities Rowcroft Hospice - what a way to start the week. They sound awesome as well by the way!

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Rock Choir and Guide Dogs South West

It has been a real pleasure working alongside Guide Dogs South West the past couple of years.  We are very proud to say that we have raised over £5000 and we can now 'Name our own puppy' and help fund the early years of training. The members of my rock choirs are wonderful and have been really creative with fundraising whilst singing and having fun along the way.

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Singing for Tom Daley

It was nice to spend the morning yesterday directing my rock choirs at Bovey Castle. This is venue that I play at often with the Exe Valley String Quartet but this was a choir gig this time. We sang live on BBC Breakfast to help the legend that is Tom Daley on his final leg of his challenge for Red Nose Day. It was nice that the BBC acknowledged the link between our string quartet, Bovey Castle and us playing for the wedding of Tom and Lance back in 2017. Both of these events were awesome experiences that I will always remember and cherish.

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Rock Choir rocking Torquay in aid of a good cause.

Our final gig before Christmas and what a cracker it was. We sang in Torquay for the Christmas shoppers and it was awesome. The Torquay folk were singing and dancing along with us and we all had such a good day. It was lovely to see other rockies in the audience supporting and again we were raising much needed funds for Guide Dogs South West. Well done to Torquay Rock choir (and guests). You were all brilliant! Rock Choir.

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Big Sing by the Seaside with Rock Choir

It was great to be back with my rock choirs yesterday.  We had a big sing together in the Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey, Torquay. Two 90 minute sessions with 100 singers in each choir.  It was truly a very special and highly emotional experience for all of us.  We haven't been able to sing like this for over 18 months so the emotional release of singing our favourite songs LIVE and in harmony will be a memory I will treasure for a very long time.  It was great to see everybody all looking so well.  Choir members travelled from all over Devon and Saltash and Cornwall to be with us yesterday. I love the variety in my job.  One minute I am a violinist and then next I am a choir leader.  Either way I am a performer so to have my audiences back is impossible to put into words.  Great day!

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Rock Choir are back singing - Outside!

Well it has been a very long time to wait but after 16 months and over 470 days of having to sing in our front rooms, kitchens and garden sheds all by ourselves with only a computer as our friend we finally got to sing all together again outdoors last weekend.  It was awesome and such an emotional time.  You don't know what it means to sing with other people until you are told that you are not allowed to sing with other people.  We could all hear each other and hear all the fantastic harmonies and feel the music running through our veins.  Everybody who came along had a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting experience and this marked the beginning of our journey as a choir back to live and fabulous rock choir sessions in September.  Loved it!

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Lockdown hasn't stopped the music!!

On March 14th I put my violin away in it's case and made my way home for the evening just like I would after any gig.  I had just played at a beautiful wedding in the Moorland Garden Hotel.  Little did anybody know what was about to happen across the nation.  Lockdown! What did this mean?  In short, all live music work would be cancelled or postponed.  No more weddings for the foreseeable future.  No more Rock Choir rehearsals or Rock Choir gigs for the foreseeable future. More importantly for me I think - no more musical interaction with other musicians.  What do I do now?  It is so important at times like these to keep a positive mind and to keep a healthy mind and not let things get you down.  Yes there have been bad days and indifferent days where you start to wonder if there will be any gigs ever again and we are certainly not out of the woods yet.  We have just entered July and I am making this written note of what I have been doing since lockdown began.  First things first - get in touch with all my clients and re arrange all the gigs in the diary until at least October 2020.  It was a difficult task but thankfully this has been done and achieved with success.  What about Rock Choir?  We cant meet like we used to and every gig in the summer programme has disappeared because all the events have been cancelled. As you can see from the photo I have had to get my head around the latest technology as the only way forward was to move the choir online!  Those people that know me well will also know that this wasnt something that I found particularly easy and certainly not an enjoyable prospect!  With help from many friends and colleagues, far more knowledgeable than me, we did it!  I host three Zoom choir sessions every week.  To start with I was very unimpressed!  How can I run a choir and not be able to hear them sing? (Singers have to muted due to the latency!) I am just conducting my mac!  Urgh!!!! Over time I have come to realize that you have to make the very best of any given situation.  It was Zoom choir or no choir. Alongside my lovely choir members we have learnt to really enjoy Zooming.  Its lovely to see each other and I can teach the choir new material and we can sing through older songs.  Yes the members are singing in isolation but you can see your choir buddies and you can hear them in the rehearsal tracks so it is close to what we had!  We are coming to the end of a very different 'virtual' term but it has been a great experience.  Alongside Zoom sessions I have put together individual video tutorials for each section of the choir for each of the five songs that we have learnt together.  We have had facebook live sessions, Zoom quizes, fancy dress sing alongs as well as a lockdown recording project with the members for We are the Champions by Queen.  (This was brilliant by the way!). 

As a violinist I have been grateful in many ways for the down time.  It has given me the time to practice so much more which I have really enjoyed.  I have been working on new arrangements of songs and pieces ready for when we can get out there and gig again.  I have been a part of some recording projects alongside local friends and musicians.  All in all I am making the very best of a difficult situation.  We still dont know when large weddings will start again and we still dont know when my choirs can meet up safely so this may only be 'half time' at the moment. If this goes on for a long time then I may well come back and give you all an update.  In the meantime I am in a good place, enjoying the downtime and practice time and enjoying working with my choir members to keep us all singing and in good health! Take care and stay safe.

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Rockies in Tavistock battling the elements (exceptionally well!)

On Sunday we had another trip to Tavistock with the Rockies from Plymouth and Saltash.  Following on from our successful visit in November and the Tree Lights switch on event we joined Miss Ivy Events again to sing in the Christmas market and festival.  It was cold and wet and very windy but in true Rock Choir fashion we just got on with it and sung our hearts out!  Well done everyone and Happy Christmas.

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Rocking Teignmouth!

Rockies from Teigmouth, Newton Abbot and Torquay had the pleasure of rocking Teignmouth at their Christmas Tree Light switch on event last night. It was a lovely festive afternoon and evening with live music, stalls, festive food and drink and a lantern parade. The rock choir rounded off the event and as always looked and sounded superb!  Well done rockies on another great night.

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Rock Choir rock Tavistock

We had lovely day out yesterday in beautiful Tavistock. We went as a family to look around the markets and the historic town which was a really nice thing to do in the lead up to Christmas. I then joined 60 rockies and rocked Tavistock in the evening as they turned on their Christmas lights. It was so nice to see some past rockies in the crowd supporting the choir. Considering there was no sound check for anybody we sounded fab! Yvonne and the children who were in the crowd said it sounded great! Well done everyone and thank you Tavistock.


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Rock Choir Flash Mob Stroke Association Charity Dinner!

What a wonderful Rock Choir night we had at the The New Continental in Plymouth. Rockies turned out in their numbers in torrential rain to support the Stroke Association Charity Dinner last night. We discreetly arrived and prepared our Flash Mob which was so much fun as the guests had absolutely no idea we were coming. Well done Andrea for leading that for us - you were awesome! We then performed a short but very lively set of songs for a very enthusiastic, lively and keen crowd who had a great time singing and dancing with us! Many of the guests had only just recovered from a stroke so to see their energy and thirst for a fun night was so inspiring. One of our most enjoyable gigs I think - thoroughly rewarding! Well done 

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Rockies Rock Dawlish Carnival!

Fabulous gig today in my home town of Dawlish.  Carnival week is in full swing and over 100 rockies entertained the crowds with an amazing set of songs ranging from rock songs to ballads to The Greatest Showman.  A thoroughly professional performance from all of the rockies.  We sounded amazing and looked so smart.  We have been inundated with positive comments from the crowds and from family and friends.  It was a great way to end the Rock Choir 'season'.  Next 'season' starts with a big one - The Proms in the Park - Hyde Park London! Thank you everybody for being so amazing!

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Rock Choir rock Teignmouth

Part 2 of our amazing Rock Choir weekend!  75 Rockies sang at the Teignmouth Airshow weekend. This was a particularly important gig as we were singing in one of our towns that has a rock choir so there was lots of local support!  The sound was great and the harmonies came through so clearly!  Lots of great feedback and people asking how they join us!  Great day.

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Rock Choir Live 2019 - Plymouth.

Rock Choir Live 2019.  Plymouth. 600 Voices 4 Choir Leaders Live Band.  What a wonderful musical experience this was for all concerned.  This gave many of our members a unique opportunity to sing as part of a massed choir of 600 voices.  It was stunning! Powerful, emotional, sensitive, musical... I could go on.  Great Rock Choir experience.  We also raised over £1000 for the Rock Choir charity Nordoff Robbins.

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Saltash Regatta 2019 Rock Choir

I had another absolutley stunning Rock Choir experience on Saturday.  We sang at the regatta, right by the waters edge with the amazing Tamar Bridge in the background.  The sun was shining and the crowds turned out in their hundreds.  Members of Saltash and Plymouth Rock Choirs sang their hearts out on the stage.  It sounded amazing!!  Well done everybody.


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